Infertility Blame your lifestyle

Having a child is just not the meeting of sperm and egg. For one who suffers infertility issues it means woeful emotional crisis which affects ones personal as well as social life. As people and even your life partner at times tend to judge you being incapable. Many a times external factors form the major cause accelerating the problem. Rapid urbanization and revolutionized change in living patterns, though made life seem easier and better, but that’s not the actual case. Change in lifestyle patterns is to be blamed, as one of the cause when you cannot have babies. Lets peep in some common causes of infertility.


  • Over- weight:

Yes, your sedentary life, sinking yourself in the chair with computer right in front of your eyes for hours. Eating all the junk and no exercise is simply going to add on the flabs to your body (obesity) which causes to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and leads infertility.

  • Under-weight:

On the other hand, being underweight will totally shut down your reproductive capability due to lack of immunity.

Solution: Eating well- balanced diet consisting right amount of vitamins, proteins, nutrients is half job done. The other half is maintaining your body to stay fit: yoga, exercise and so on.

Smoke and Alcohol:

Folks, smoking and boozing are quite seemingly cool habits but believe me the more bottles you sip the more your egg counts dip in both men and women. And ladies, often smoking and boozing during pregnancy can result in miscarriage and also lead to early menopause compared to ones who don’t.

Solution: Cigarette packet (smoking is injurious to health) says it all, what more are you looking for?

Simply ‘QUIT.’


Stress is yet another villain, you know the brain has supreme power to control all the hormonal activities which includes both: reproductive and stress hormones.

Solution: So, its indeed important than you keep calm and stay happy to maintain your hormonal balance. Give a break to yourself, explore the goodness of this beautiful world around, feel light, though its not going to get you a baby instantly but then its definitely going to show up positive signs in near future.

We all know, ‘Health is Wealth’, right? But yes, consider both mental and physical rest will automatically work favoring you.

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