Common Signs And Symptoms of Heart Disease

Folks, our heart is a constant pumping machine that works 24*7, 365 days, all the time. Our lives are always on stake of our heart beats. For once, you can miss out eating, but breathing? The thought itself is a deadly one, and so is the heart disease. In most cases, disease take over the charge filling your heart with problems before you could even realize. But, here I take it as my duty to inform you and keep you aware before you miss out.

Below mentioned are some of the Common Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease:

  • Chest Pain:

The most common symptom of heart disease is chest pain. Where you feel as if tons of weight is just placed right on the left side of your chest bone. The pain grows so much that you feel restricted to breathing and feel choked up.

  • High Blood Pressure

Often disguised as high BP, heart disease is one of the most common and not tough to detect. The sudden rise in blood pressure levels can easily disrupt your pumping system. Compelling you to miss out your breath and resulting in a heart attack.

  • Excess Sweat

‘Nothing in excess is good’ same goes with sweat. When you perspire unusually, without any exercise or physical exertion it could possibly be a call for heart disease. Night sweats and hot flashes could be seen in women resulting in heart attack.

  • Obesity

Obesity means far more than wearing axxl size t-shirt. It goes hand in hand with choking your arteries and veins. The more the number of flab you put over your bones, the more you add on count of choked veins in your body, which fail to carry out healthy flow of blood and oxygen resulting in a heart attack.

  • Diabetes

People who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes can develop “Diabetic Heart Disease” (DHD). The higher a person’s blood sugar level is, the higher his or her risk of DHD.
Besides, its needless to say unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol work as active triggers to attack your heart. At the same time, silent villain stress and depression does not lag behind.
What it takes to keep your heart healthy-
The only way to escape heart disease is, to have a healthy living. Eat a well- balanced diet with low fats, rich fiber and lots of vitamins. At the same time, don’t miss out exercise, medication or yoga. Most importantly, don’t take stress and stay happy.

So, simply remember – ‘Healthy and happy living is the key to healthy heart.’

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