Follow Up Services

Our role is not over even after completion of treatment, however, we keep in touch with continues follow-ups to ensure the client’s wellness for the next three months. We have a dedicated team of professionals who take care of follow-ups and provide support when it is required. We strive hard to leave an indelible impact on our client’s mind by providing them best follow-up services.

How does it work?

  • We make sure our clients are satisfied at each level of treatment, hence we take regular feedback to maintain the quality of our service.
  • We collect data of each and every follow-up and record in our system for further guidance.
  • We fill in prescriptions on behalf of you.
  • We arrange follow up calls with the treating doctors. Atleast, for the first 6 months have regular calls and follow ups on the condition.
  • Our consultants communicate with their treating doctors in the respective country
    Keeping reports of patient’s health post-treatment and remind them if any of the health checkup is due.

MedSupport Advantage

  • We help individuals and families to take the right decision by informing them about the world-class healthcare facilities in India.
  • We treat patient and his family as our family and ensure they have a homely feel when with us.
  • With a team of well-qualified workforce, our skills lie in the realm of health and medicine.
  • We make sure to remind you of your timely follow-ups, necessary medical check-ups.
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