Diabetes A Call For Heart Disease

‘Sugar & Spice and that’s all nice,’ really? I don’t think so. Folks, agreed we need sugar and spice but I guess you know ‘Nothing in excess is good.’ Yes folks, intake of high sugar diet can certainly up the risk of diabetes with several other chronic diseases such as high blood sugar, weight gain and so on, which eventually loads up the chances for ‘Heart Disease.’

Just as the name suggests, DHD (Diabetic Heart Disease) is the heart disease caused to a diabetic.

  • What is Diabetes?

Diabetes, to simplify is high blood sugar levels.

  • How does sugar level rise in the body?

Generally, the food that we eat turns into glucose which is further carried by insulin (a hormone that converts glucose) to produce energy for your body. But, when your body fails producing insulin, the glucose i.e. sugar levels rise in your blood causing high blood sugar i.e. the devil’s D (Diabetes).

  • How does diabetes affect your heart?

The high levels of sugar present in your blood, gradually choke up the arteries and veins that carry blood and oxygen to your heart. Perhaps, lack of oxygen and blood circulation leads to heart attack, heart failure and so on.

  • Types of DHD (Diabetes Heart Disease)
  1. Coronary Atherosclerosis- Coronary Atherosclerosis or Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) damage the arteries and veins of your heart by depositing a waxy substance causing clots and choke ups, which leads to lack of oxygen and blood supply to your heart.
  2. Heart Failure- Gradually, when your heart muscles get damaged through diabetes and CHD and stress harder to pump than usual, lacking enough blood flow and oxygen can cause heart failure. Heart failure is often referred as ‘weak heart.’
  3. Diabetic Cardiomyopathy- Diabetic Cardiomyopathy disrupts the function and structure your heart further damaging the arteries and veins which cause heart fail.
  • Preventions and Controls
  • Ensure eating healthy diet
  • Regular exercise, a 30 mins walk can help in a great way
  • Regular intake of prescribed diabetes medication & health check up

Needless to say, smoking is injurious to health and so is alcohol. And yes, ‘stress can cause distress’ so always ensure that you stay stress free. We have several stress management tools. And last but not the least sleep enough (7 hrs sleep is indeed needed).

Stay fit! Stay healthy!

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